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New Video: Take a Ride on These Wheels

By Travis Thompson

For the first time, you can follow a PLF student on their bike for a day (condensed into a few minutes) and see exactly the kind of terrain they have to endure.  Check out this handlebar-camera video.

The average Ponheary Ly Foundation student has to travel at least a few kilometers to get to school, then a few to get back home.  Every October, bicycles are awarded to all students who graduated from sixth grade at our four primary schools.  Enrollment in secondary school rose 35% the first year PLF initiated the “Bike to School Program” and has improved incrementally every year since. The bikes serve as an enormous incentive for children to finish sixth grade whether they continue to secondary school or not. Bicycles are also awarded to the first and second ranked students in class for grades four and five.  This school year, PLF distributed more than 200 bicycles.

Click below to hop on board and spend a day (condensed into less than ten minutes) on a PLF bike.  The video was edited by PLF Program Director Gillian White.

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