Srayang Trip with the Boys of the Tchey Media Team

by Gillian White

Last week, the PLF trekked out to Srayang and Koh Ker with PLF Canada’s Patti Shedden and Greg Nelson and PLF Australia’s Jane Dinnison.

There, Patti and Greg took plenty of photos and video of the students in order to further document the Koh Ker kid’s stories. A big party was held for the incoming 7th graders so that they could be introduced to life at the dormitory. The kids had lots of fun playing board games and getting their first glimpses of objects under a microscope, all while mingling with the current dorm students. The incoming students also got their first taste of meals at the dormitory and were the last to leave the table as they could not get enough to eat.

Patti and Sen

Soy Sen, Sopha Pech and Sam Oun Meas also came along on the trip. The three boys from the Tchey MediaTeam stayed at the dormitory for three nights in order to get to know what life is like for a student in rural Cambodia, far away from any city center. They filmed interviews they did with the boys at the dormitory. Three girls from the media team at Tchey had already been to the dormitory a few weeks before in order to interview the Srayang girls. All of the students enjoyed getting to know a bit of what happens at two very different PLF sponsored schools.

Look out for the media team’s videos comparing and contrasting student life at Tchey and Srayang!