Arts and Crafts Program at Tchey and Knar

Neither school holds regular art classes taught by the teachers; therefore this creative program is entirely generated by volunteers. It occurs during the time in between classes. One class from 11-12 and the other from 12-1. Be creative in developing a program. Most of these kids only learn by rote and thus receive little instruction on creative thinking. Art classes can range from painting pictures to performing a play. Before leaving by tuk tuk, you will be given a PLF basket which you are free to fill with whatever supplies you want to use for your program session. The PLF closet now has some materials such as crayons, paints, paper and pencils that have been donated, however if there are specific materials your project requires, you are expected to fund the resources yourself.

Tips and Program Suggestions from other Volunteers:

• When our volunteer program first began we would have said: “Start with the basics, even with older children” but thanks to our many volunteers, the students now have a good basic knowledge of arts and crafts.  We definitely recommend PLF’s Pinterest for some new and slightly more challenging fun ideas!
• Incorporate activities that emphasize self-pride in their work.
• Find sustainable projects to do using materials they have access to.
• Students tend to copy each other or the instructors examples. Try not to use examples and find ways for the students to create original work so that they can develop individual and creative ideas.
• Bring some music to spice things up, or a game in case you end early.
• Be aware that some of these students may be very young and have never held a paintbrush.

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