Srayang Students Achieve High Class Rankings

Congratulations to the students in grade 7, 8 and 9 at the Srayang Secondary School Dormitory who have come out on the top rankings of their class! Out of 61 students our seventh graders all ranked in the top 3rd of their class. Regardless of ranking, we find it very satisfying that all of the students passed, and not just barely!

We are tremendously proud of these students who have come a long way with their own determination! The quality of the education being rendered at Koh Ker Primary School has proven to be strong and successful in providing these students with the foundation they need to do very well alongside other students at the Secondary School at Srayang. Everything about this is a success story for all involved at Koh Ker Primary School, the Srayang Dormitory project, and certainly for the determination of these students.  We are incredibly proud of these amazing young adults.