The First Overseas Communication of Tchey Students

By Farida Mot, Field Director

In February the traveling teacher, Diana Gross, visited Tchey primary school. She worked with 14 students on storyboard and videography. Recently those students made their first overseas communication through skype .

Start to learn how to use “Skype” call

This story blogged by Farida Mot; please note English is not her mother tongue!

The new program that the traveling teacher “Diana Gross” show to students at Tchey school call “Skype”. She wanted the students know how to use it for communicate with another people over the world.

Last time the students work with storyboard and videography and they don’t know how to use the video call for conversation. They didn’t know about recently update of the new technology and how to connect internet with the stick for use every where.

Now the our traveling teacher show them how to use the metfone stick for connect to the internet, then they start to learn ” Skype ” through the account of the traveling teacher. They were talk with the student from Garrison Forest School (GFS) at US who are the students of Diana Gross.

Start talking face to face with US student through “Skype

They are nervous when they talk with Skype because the saw the person on the screen look like face to face. They talked about their study and they use English¬†language. The first time for all of them so they nervous until they forgot some word too especially it’s the second language for Tchey student but they did it very well.

They can understand to each other even though speaking not fluently. All of them can learned something from each other and they shared some knowledge through “Skype” also.

PLF hope that next time they can skype with another student beside US students like Chinese, Thailand or another country because they can share and improve their knowledge too especially now they’re possible to use “Skype”.