Let There be Bikes!

Siem Reap has seen a wetter than average monsoon season this year and our streets have been under water for several days. Undeterred, today we inspected and readied 211 bikes that will be awarded on opening day. We’re certain we will not make our October 1 date, but as soon as things dry up a bit, we’ll be ready. 

Flood water on Wat Bo Road where PLF offices (and all the bikes) are located. Sept 28th.

Rethy and Mr. Hong hoist heavy boxes up off the floor to keep them out of the water.

Wat Bo School remains in thigh deep water and the road to Koh Ker is completely washed out. Tchey is under water and the road to Knar is being repaired, so everyone here is standing by. All the local volunteers have been working hard to get all the bundles of school supplies, uniforms and shoes up off the floor just in case the water gets into the building, but so far, we’ve had no breaches and hope to get everything distributed before we do! Thanks go out to Mom, Ariny, Rethy, Dara, Mr.Hong, Marina, Farida, Kalyan, Aphoan (both of them),Sith, Sasa and Lita for the tremendous job of making safe over 2000 school bundles.

Today the team slogged through the water to get to the place where the bikes have been staged, riding them a bit, making sure everything is in order and applying PLF stickers.

211 bikes, ready to go as soon as Mother Nature says they can!

Ponheary with PLF staff and volunteers, checking the bikes

Ariny and Farida do Quality Control

An enormous thanks to everyone who contributed to bikes this year, especially to A&L Windows and Doors in Australia.

Stay tuned! We’re ready when the weather is!