STUDENT BLOG: Cleaning The Kitchen

By Porng

Many humans are born everyday always into residential housing for individuals and families. Each house can be large or small depending on the family. And each house always has bedrooms and a kitchen connected. With some large houses the kitchen is built separately from the main house. Each kitchen has clean sanitation depending on how clean the members of the family are.

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Doors are Open for Enrolment to Srayang’s First-Ever Public Technology Center!

By Jacqui Rawson
Ponheary Ly Foundation Canada recently hosted a community launch in Srayang of the new computer school, complete with inaugural speeches and cutting of the red ribbon. There was so much community anticipation of the event that the school’s first classes are fully booked and there is a waiting list of students eager to have a chance to become part of Srayang’s fledgling “computer geek” network.
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GET REAL: A Few Thoughts as I Move Back to the U.S.

By Travis Thompson

This August, I’ll be leaving my position in Cambodia with Ponheary Ly Foundation to move back to the United States. As I leave Cambodia, I want to reflect on my years with this incredible organization–the challenges, the triumphs, and the lessons learned are unmatched by anything else in my 31 years of life.

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