Please Note: All our Volunteer opportunities and ‘Help or For a Day’ programs are currently closed until late 2022. Exceptions might be made for returning volunteers; please be in touch if this is you, on [email protected] 

Volunteer Program Costs

There is no fee associated with our volunteer program.  The costs to you are those necessary for basic living needs while in Siem Reap (accommodation, meals, etc), transportation to/from school, and traveler’s insurance. We require all volunteers to have traveler’s insurance that includes medical evacuation while volunteering with us.

Specific Costs

Lodging in Siem Reap at Seven Candles Guesthouse, $20 USD per night excluding tax (two can share a room if you want to split costs).  If you stay three weeks or more, the lodging cost is discounted to $15 per night excluding tax. Ponheary and her family own the guesthouse, live on the premises and will look after you while you’re enjoying your stay.  You’ll feel as though you are part of the family!

There are tour guides and drivers in abundance living and working from the guesthouse so arranging a tour of the temples is simple. Our office is also located on the ground floor, making for easy communication, and coordination.  Enjoy the energy of the house, visiting with travelers and the other volunteers both from the PLF and other organizations who also house their staff with us. Visit the Seven Candles Website or read the reviews on Trip Advisor.

Daily meals, drinks and whatever else you may need/want while you are here. This one is up to you: street food and cheap meals for $3 USD or less, air-conditioned restaurants and iced coffee for $10 USD meals, or steak and massages for a special treat of your choosing.

Transportation out to school, via tuk tuk, $15 USD per day. If you are volunteering in a group please note that a tuk tuk can transport 4 people maximum. Our schools are out in the countryside, the furthest being about 45 minutes from Siem Reap. Our tuk tuk drivers will be invaluable to you, acting as translators, helping in the classroom, and helping to find any supplies you might need around town.

A PLF T-shirt to wear to class; we will give you one, extras are $5 USD each.

Teaching materials, $0-$30 USD. We have a volunteer closet with craft supplies and basic teaching resources that may suit your needs, but you might also need to bring or buy here what you require for your particular activity – contact [email protected] with any questions regarding teaching supplies and materials.

Fundraising Suggestions

We know you don’t want your volunteering to take away financially from our focus on our students, so we encourage volunteers to cover the costs of materials involved in their activities, any planned excursions, snacks and whatever else you might want to do with your students. There is no requirement to raise funds before coming, but any expenses for your time volunteering should be covered by you, and this is a great way to let your networks help you do it.

You can use NetworkForGood to build a simple fundraising page you can share with your family and friends through email or social media. Donations come directly to the organization and NetworkForGood notifies you when they are made.

People will love to support you once they know what you’re heading off to do!

For more helpful tips on how to fundraise, check out our Volunteer Toolkit.