Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Placements

Our current classroom needs for volunteers interested in a 2-4 week placement.

Arts & Crafts

The government Khmer curriculum is taught entirely by rote, so our Arts & Crafts program is a crucial part of stimulating our students’ minds, inspiring creativity, building critical thinking skills and making school fun. We’re looking for you to think outside the box and encourage our Grade 4 students to do the same. Put on a puppet show, challenge our students with STEM related crafts, paint self portraits or big murals, repurpose recyclable materials – you name it. We can’t wait to hear your new ideas!

Placement Duration: 2-4 weeks


Work with local teachers to co-teach and review our curriculum, whether it be building a scavenger hunt, organizing a spelling bee, or practicing new teaching techniques! Encourage students and teachers to be more interactive, increase their checking for understanding, and utilize review games and activities to keep the material interesting and classes lively!

*Please note, we require all English teaching volunteers to have a native English speaking ability and teaching experience.

Placement Duration: 2-4 weeks

Robotic Legos

We have a robotic legos club running at Tchey School where students learn about gears, motors, and basic mechanical engineering. Help us craft an engineering challenge for our advanced students, or work with our teacher to introduce our students to some new techniques with Lego WeDo! 

Placement Duration: 2-4 weeks


Help us find the next Cambodian Grandmaster! Teach students new checkmate strategies,  how to avoid a stalemate, or even coordinate a chess tournament between PLF-supported schools!  Our Chess clubs run 1-hour per day, making this a great opportunity for those interested in more than one program.

Placement Duration: 2-3 weeks


 We currently have ~20 Grade 6 students learning ukulele at a beginner level 1x per week from a Cambodian teacher, and our students would love to jam out and learn simple songs from different cultures.  We even have some shakers and maracas to help you build a full band! To watch a performance by our ukulele students, click here.

Placement Duration: 2-4 weeks


We are always looking for skilled photographers and videographers to assist us with keeping our media collateral refreshed and up to date. Short feature films and snapshots of our programs, our students, and our projects provide a critical tool for us to share the story of PLF with the community. We’ve got a list of areas in need of more media coverage, and this position would put you right out in the field to help us capture a day in the life of PLF.

Placement Duration: 2-4 weeks