Help For A Day

Not enough time for volunteering? There are still things you can do! But first, please understand the background on why we do things the way we do. We believe in sustainable volunteering practices and seek to prevent the schools and students we support from becoming tourist attractions by educating tourists about the best ways to be involved without exploiting children.

To keep from putting our students and schools in this situation, we provide the following structured, and minimally disruptive options for visitors to see our projects first-hand and perform very meaningful activities at the schools for the day.  Before exploring the options, please make sure you are willing to abide by our Child Protection Policy. You will be required to sign our Code of Conduct when you arrive in Siem Reap.

Help for a day Programs

Please click on the program title for our field guide including a schedule and what to expect for each program.

Angkor Wat Field Trip

from $461

Many children who live within immediate proximity of Angkor have not had the opportunity to visit the temples and are not yet aware of the richness of their own culture and heritage. You, 20 primary school students, their teacher, and one licensed tour guide (giving the tour in Khmer) will have the opportunity to tour Angkor Wat Temple with a lunch stop in Siem Reap City – a day full of “firsts” for these students.

Please note, we do our best to lead these trips on Sundays or off days so you can head out early to beat the heat and we avoid having the students miss a full day at school. If you would like to hire an English speaking tour guide (to be paid separately from the program cost), we will be happy to arrange one to accompany you.

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School Backpack Distribution

from $380

The humble backpack is a common, everyday item but one that shouldn’t be underestimated. We provide uniforms and school supplies at the beginning of each school year, but a backpack helps to keep everything in the same place and in good care. You will not only be providing a moment of excitement for students as you hand them their new backpacks, but you will also be making their ability to obtain an education a little bit easier and supporting local suppliers.

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Cooking Lunch at a Rural Primary School

from $475

Travel two hours northwest of Siem Reap to a remote primary school supported by PLF to serve lunch. You will work alongside students to prepare the whole school’s lunch, join them for outdoor games or a library activity, and serve heaps of fried noodles for an all-you-can-eat lunch. After the students have eaten and gone home, you will eat lunch at a local guest house and have the option of visiting our secondary school dormitory in Srayang.

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*only available Mondays-Fridays

Cambodian Crafts Excursion I

from $390

Take a group of  students on a journey to discover how silk and pottery goods are handcrafted by Cambodian artisans. You will tour the Angkor Silk Farm to learn how silk is produced and watch the craftsmen at work as well as visit Angkor Pottery Centre, where everyone will get the opportunity to make their own clay pottery.

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Cambodian Crafts Excursion II

from $446

Take a group of  students on a tour of the APOPO HeroRat’s Visitor Center,  followed by an afternoon workshop on the ancient traditional Khmer art of shadow puppets with the talented team at Bambu Stage.  You and the students will learn more about landmine clearance in Cambodia and meet the Tanzanian rats that detect them, as well as design and chisel out your own leather shadow puppet!

*not available on Sundays

School Food Distribution

from $214

Provide bundles of food for students living with food insecurity at the Khnar Village Learning Center, which is located 30km Northeast of Siem Reap. Noodles, canned fish, and soya milk provide a helpful boost for students to bring home to their families, and providing a nutritional supplement to families helps us continue to forge a positive relationship between our learning center and the community.

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Bicycle Repair Workshop

from $325

Are you handy with repairing bikes? Help make the commute to school faster and smoother for students studying in Secondary and High School by replacing worn inner tubes, broken kickstands, baskets, you name it. Those bicycles get at least 10km of love every day sometimes even with a friend or sibling riding on the back – replacing a worn out tire goes a long way to making the commute to school a manageable one! We’ve got the tools and some handy tuk tuk drivers, all we need is you to make the rest happen.

Chess Tournament

from $257

PLF students play chess to improve their memory, reasoning, creative and logical thinking, as well as decision making. Chess tournaments between PLF schools give the students a great opportunity to play new opponents and make new friends who are also passionate about chess!

*limited availability due to school schedules, please contact [email protected] to inquire

Please email [email protected] with any questions or to book your program.

Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for ideas on how to raise some monetary support for your event.