Residential Housing

We provide housing for secondary and high school students continuing their education far from their homes in the countryside where there is no opportunity for higher level education. Not only do these facilities provide students with the opportunity to continue studying, but our dorms are a safe space for our students to focus on academics and in many cases redefine their lives without food insecurity or violence. A student who returns home every day to an unstable household or familial pressure to join the work force will drop out; a student who returns home to an positive environment of peers and mentors who are focused on learning will continue their studies. 

SRAYANG Dormitory

Srayang Dormitory is located 100km northeast of Siem Reap. It is home to the graduates of Koh Ker and Romchek Primary Schools, for whom the nearest secondary school is more than 15km away. The dorm is under the careful watch of field director Sothea and Sieng Ry, who singlehandedly brought education to her village as the only educated woman in the area after the war. The students at this dorm are the first in their villages to complete a secondary school education (Grades 7-9). Those who successfully finish their education move to our dormitories in Siem Reap whether for vocational education or to pursue their high school diploma. Of those who have chosen to continue formal education, 100% have continued through to university. These students are the hope of their communities; their hard work pays off in better salaries and career trajectories all of which is the biggest factor in lifting their communities out of poverty.

SIEM REAP Domitories

We have two urban dormitories for high school students located just outside the center of Siem Reap city; one for boys and one for girls. Students from Srayang who complete secondary school with high scores can continue onto the urban dorms in Siem Reap, along with other students supported by PLF that come from areas across the country where there are no opportunities for upper level education.

The need for student housing in urban areas is particularly large because the High Schools of good quality in Cambodia are located exclusively in cities. As a result of this scarcity students will send themselves to the cities to enroll in school and do their best to make ends meet, often by working night jobs or other unsafe forms of employment. The urban dormitories in Siem Reap remove these pressures by providing safe housing, access to high school, as well as supplementary English and computer classes.