Help for a Day Field Guide

“Hands on History” Field Trip to Angkor Wat

Many children who live within immediate proximity of the temples have not had the opportunity to visit them and are not yet aware of the richness of their own culture and heritage. Not only that, many rural children have never been to the city of Siem Reap and many of today’s experiences will be “firsts” for them.

You will accompany 20 school students, their teacher, and one licensed tour guide (giving the tour in Khmer) on a tour to Angkor Wat Temple with a lunch stop in Siem Reap City


DEPART: 7.00-8.00 am From Siem Reap

Experience the wonder of Angkor Wat & Bayon Temples, along with a group of 20 excited children. Join the students for lunch and enjoy the novelty of the experience for them as they eat in a Siem Reap restaurant. Visit Lucky Mall where they will see amazing things like sliding glass doors and ride escalators for the first time, get an ice-cream, as well as visiting a bookstore and choosing a book to take home. Every field trip will be slightly different to the next as no two groups are the same!

RETURN: 4.00 pm. 

Starts at $460*

* Cost not including temple pass for foreigners @ $37 per person). An English speaking tour guide can be arranged for $40, to be paid directly to the guide.Thank you in advance for wanting to sponsor a Help for a Day Program!

For more information or to book your excursion please email: [email protected]