Help for a Day Field Guide

Cooking Lunch at a Rural Primary School

Travel two hours northwest of Siem Reap to a remote primary school supported by PLF to serve lunch. You will work alongside students to prepare the whole school’s lunch, join them for outdoor games or a library activity, and serve heaps of fried noodles for lunch.

After the students have eaten and are heading home, you will have the option of walking home with them through their village.


DEPART: 7.00 am From Siem Reap

Help for a Day volunteers will assist in preparing and serving lunch for all students. If there is time while the lunch is cooking, join the students in the library. You’ll then join the PLF team for lunch at a local guesthouse

RETURN: 2.00 pm. From Koh Ker This event available Monday-Friday.

Starts at $475*

*Provides lunch for the Students of Koh Ker Primary Let us know if you’d like to provide more!

Thank you in advance for wanting to sponsor a Help for a Day Program!

For more information or to book your excursion please email: [email protected]