Contributing to these intitatives steers more students towards brighter futures!


Handwashing PLF

Encouraging a love of books will always be a big focus for PLF. For students of course, and their families too – in the push to improve literacy rates and the value of education in the wider community. We run 7 libraries in total, which requires a wide range of titles and shelves-loads of books. Keeping these all stocked with engaging material costs $2,000 per year.


Romchek lunch

Our project at Srayang Learning Center in Preah Vihear could not function without the trucks which transport over 100 kids from their remote villages every day. Our 3 trucks pick them up at dawn and ensure they are safely home again by dusk. Each truck costs about $350/month to get these kids on the road to their brighter futures.


Handwashing PLF

With 1500 bikes in the field carrying students to and from school every day comes a lot of repairs and parts needed to keep them in road-worthy condition. We hold regular bike clinics to fix pedals, chains, brakes, baskets, tyres, wheels and bells. The costs for one year including mechanic labour and parts comes to $1,900.


Romchek lunch

In upper secondary, students receive free education for only part of the day. After that, they must pay for private classes in order to get the full curriculum and pass exams. Because of this, students living in poverty do not have an equal chance of graduating Grade 12. In response, we award around 30 scholarships every year at $250 each, totalling $7,500.


Handwashing PLF

The desks at Koh Ker have served us well over the last 15 years but are now in need of either refurbishment or replacement. And with a new two-storey block going in at Srayang for larger English & eLearning classes, we need desks galore! Ensuring a seat at the table for all students comes to $3,000.


Romchek lunch

With a growing focus on computer classes, we are now running tech labs at Chey, KVLC, SLC and ULC. Altogether, these comprise 84 computers which require support with accessories and repairs, as well as the solar panels required to power them. Keeping everyone online comes to $5,000 per year.


Handwashing PLF

In addition to the filling and nutritious daily breakfasts that primary students receive, we also try to serve a monthly all-you-can-eat lunch at Koh Ker and Romchek schools, where many families still live with food insecurity. These lunches provide an extra boost to students, who are encouraged to take home servings for their families as well. Pre-Covid, these were facilitated by visitors coming to take part; post-Covid, we are still not back to receiving regular visitors to fully reinstate this. One monthly lunch costs $350, bringing the total for the year to $8,400. 


Due to our finely-tuned programs in the primary grades, more students are now staying the course all the way through school, with Grade 12 graduates breaking into higher levels of academic achievement in turn. We continue to grow our university scholarship program accordingly, providing awards that cover all tuition fees, study materials, a laptop and living stipend. $7,000 ensures that a student from an impoverished family can take advantage of the same opportunities as the elite; and go on to contribute to a more equitable future for their communities and their country.

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