Help for a Day Field Guide

Cambodian Crafts Excursion I

Take a group of 10 students on a journey to discover how silk and pottery goods are handcrafted by Cambodian artisans.

First, you will tour The Cambodian Silk Farm to learn how silk is produced and watch the craftsman at work. Then, visit The Angkor Pottery Studio where everyone will get the opportunity to make their own clay pottery.


DEPART: 7.00 am From Siem Reap

Travel by bus to the school where you will pick up a group of excited students and their teacher before traveling on to the silk farm. Join the students for lunch and enjoy the novelty of the experience for them as they eat in a Siem Reap restaurant. Visit the Angkor Pottery Studio and join the students in making clay pots or just experience the laughter and squeals of delight as they try it themselves, for the first time.

RETURN: 1.00 pm.  To your hotel.

Starts at $390*

*Provides an Excursion for 10 students from our Rural School

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