It's Your Birthday!

Would you like to donate your special day and help amplify our impact by holding your own Birthday Club Fundraiser? We’re here to guide you through it step by step. We have designed the easiest how-to guide that will take you from novice to philanthropic aficionado in no time.


Let’s Break it

Let’s say 100 of you do a fundraiser and let’s say you each raised $500 (it’s crazy how achievable that is) Suddenly, the Birthday Club Fundraisers becomes a major donor. Suddenly you, our quiet but avid supporter, are holding a MAJOR PROJECT. Suddenly, without doing much of anything, you have moved a mountain.

When we say “without doing much of anything”- we mean it. We have done the work, all you will need to do is copy, paste and your campaign will be ready to go!

Raised in 2021

Goal for 2022

Set up a Network for Good Page

It’s as simple as Copy & Paste.

At PLF we use a 3rd party e-philanthropy software, Network For Good, to help manage and track active fundraisers. Why not have a sneak peak at our current fundraisers

Picture Perfect

Use your own photos or browse ours!

If you have visited us and have photos of you on the ground, use those personal shots. But have no fear, you will also gain access to a folder full of great photos you can use!

Share to your Network

Friends, family & anyone who will listen.

Simply copy & paste the fundraiser URL into an email or social media post & send a quick blast to your network. Then see the support roll in, and play a crucial roll in someone’s future.

It’s Time to Get the Ball Rolling!

All you need to do is simply click the “Count Me In” and we will be in touch shortly!