By Saveth

In Cambodia, we always use scarecrows to protect rice in the field when it becomes yellow or in the harvest season. So when I was young I would always see my dad trying to set them up in the rice field.

The scarecrow helps to protect the rice from the birds, cows and any animals that try to eat or destroy it. The scarecrows are there to scare the animals, it’s a sign that all animals should not come to eat or destroy our rice. The scarecrows are not just used to protect the rice but are used also to protect people from ghosts, monster and any else that can make us or the animals sick too. Some people call scarecrows “Guards” because they think they will help them by protecting them in the place where they live and work. Normally, they always put them in front of their houses.

So in this country, most people admire scarecrows as if they are their god. To make scarecrows, the first, you need are materials such as, old trousers, an old jacket, a cap, clay pot, helmet, shoes, a cigarette and some rice straw. Take the rice straw and make into a human shape with head, arms and legs or anything else that you like. Once finished dress the scarecrow in the trousers, jacket, cap, helmet and shoes.

Next you have to design the face for our scarecrow and when you have a mouth you should put the cigarette in its mouth. Now you can use it and put it in front of your house, or anyway you want the scarecrow to work for you and for nature.