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From the Other Side: Watching PLF Advocacy in Action

By Travis Thompson, PLF Board of Directors

It’s been five months since I left my spot alongside Ponheary, Lori, and the Ponheary Ly Foundation team in the Siem Reap office to move back to the U.S. I’ve spent these last months trying to adjust to my new life in Seattle. The transition has been made easier as I’ve crossed paths with PLF supporters who are doing their part to share with their communities in the U.S. the importance of our work in Cambodia.

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Doors are Open for Enrolment to Srayang’s First-Ever Public Technology Center!

By Jacqui Rawson
Ponheary Ly Foundation Canada recently hosted a community launch in Srayang of the new computer school, complete with inaugural speeches and cutting of the red ribbon. There was so much community anticipation of the event that the school’s first classes are fully booked and there is a waiting list of students eager to have a chance to become part of Srayang’s fledgling “computer geek” network.
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