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We rely solely on private donations and support to keep our programs running.  Together with the tireless work of our supporters, volunteers, teachers, and staff these gifts are significantly improving the futures of 2,800 children and youth in Cambodia.

Let us know which program is speaking to you most and we will apply your funds to that project! Donations made without a preference as to how they are to be used will be put into general funds and used where needs are the greatest.



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If you're from the USA you can make a single or recurring tax-deductible donation (yes, we are a registered 501(c)3) using your debit or credit card through our Network For Good page.


U.K Supporters can make a one-time or recurring donation through our page powered by Virgin Money Giving.  Gift Aid from the U.K. government can be reclaimed and passed to us in full.


Canadian supporters can make make single or recurring tax deductible donations through PLF Canada at


Supporters from Switzerland can make a one time or recurring tax-deductible donation through our Swiss fund-raising partners at Eyes Open.


Donors from other countries around the world are welcome to make a one-time or recurring donation on the Network for Good Page.


Download the pledge form

Make your check out to the Ponheary Ly Foundation and send to:

The Ponheary Ly Foundation
Post Office Box 17034
Austin, Texas 78760-7034


Download the transfer information form

Please send an e-mail to telling us the name and amount of the transfer so we can look out for it and issue a receipt.

Seriously, we mean it.

A New School Year Begins, Twenty New University Students Continue on to University

Year on year our University scholarship program continues to grow. This is testament to the success of our high school and early years programs. This year PLF took on twenty new University students and placed two more students in Vocational training school. The majority of these students will attend the top Universities in the country in the capital, Phnom Penh.

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STUDENT BLOG: Climate Change

Among the region of Southeast Asia, Cambodia is one of the  countries that is most vulnerable to climate change. Countries are affected by  climate change because people do not understand the benefit of nature: land,   forests, water resources, and fisheries, for example.

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STUDENT BLOG: Dignity and Ethics

Dignity is the best advantage of people and something we always wish and want. The people who have dignity with themselves commit good deeds including good culture, righteousness, kindness, do not harm other people, being tolerant to each other, and especially have human culture and virtuous jobs. Dignity belongs to people who have an honest heart, are trustful, respect justice and rules. People who have ethics refers to people who have good behavior, help others, respect the rules, and live safe together.

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