Koh Ker Library: "The House that Love Built"

By Lori Carlson

There were times during the course of the planning and execution of constructing the library at Koh Ker School that I was sure we had all lost our minds. I’m also sure that the kind souls who shared our vision for undertaking this challenging project and gave us the money to do it, also often wondered if we had cracked!

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William Stafford, Age 10, Launches Chess Club

By William Stafford, Age 10, London England

My family has been volunteers with the Ponheary Ly Foundation for the last 8 years. Being the youngest in the family, I was left behind in the early years. But in the last two years, I was able to come. Wow, it was finally my turn and I was thrilled! I have watched my older brother and sister do some amazing things, like starting a football team or putting on a drama production. I always heard about what they had done. It was my chance to suggest something that we could bring that would be meaningful as a volunteer.

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