PLF Computer Lab Expansion

This year the PLF has 103 urban high school students on our rosters, all graduates from Wat Bo Primary School in Siem Reap. Some of these students are now in the 11th grade and have been asking us  for computer classes. It costs anywhere from $15-30 per month to send a student to Computer Classes in Siem Reap, so we decided to address this challenge by building our own lab.

Update: follow the class on their new Facebook page.

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Tchey Teachers Seek University Education

In the Cambodian School System, there are “official teachers” who have finished grade 12 and had two years of University. These teachers are allowed to work both morning and afternoon sessions, enabling them to make some semblance of a living. In the urban areas, such as in Siem Reap proper, they can do private tutoring in order to augment the pittance they earn teaching at public school. In the countryside, things are much different.

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