Srayang Dorm Grads Become First from Village to Have Career Opportunities

By Travis Thompson

Ponheary Ly Foundation’s first graduates from Koh Ker Primary and Srayang Dorm are preparing to do something no one in their families or villages has ever done–enter the next phase of their lives with new opportunities for work and education.  It’s a step filled with promise, but a lot of uncertainty.

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Get Real: Our New Volunteer Program

“Get Real” will be a regular post from Ponheary, Lori or Travis about real challenges we face daily in the operation of Ponheary Ly Foundation.

By Travis Thompson, PLF Executive Director

A large part of my role in Cambodia is overseeing the Ponheary Ly Foundation volunteer program, which, lately has involved making some big changes to reflect our evolving ideas.  You’ll notice the differences starting now.

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STUDENT BLOG: The Power of Media Class

By Sal Chamroeun

In addition to teaching Microsoft Office at Chey School, I also am a student in the PLF Media class. I study media with nine other students from nearby villages.  It isn’t easy for us to study about the internet system and many electronic services, but these lessons are very interesting for us.

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ADVOCATE BLOG: Family from Hawaii Recounts Day with PLF

By Scott Obley, PLF Advocate 

Friday, July 19 was the day I was in search of. A conundrum for my psyche. A virtual knockout blow to my generally self-absorbed world view, which I am well aware of, but very rarely confronted with. Today was a day of realizing that no good deed goes unpunished, because no good deed is ever large enough to fill the void that exists between the amount of compassion and humanity that is present on this planet, and the amount that is needed. So in the giving, we are painfully confronted with the reality that we have not given enough.

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ADVOCATE BLOG: Look What She Did!

By Sarah Gordon, PLF Advocate

Next month, I am traveling with my family to Cambodia for what started out as simply a vacation. When I learned we would be staying at a B&B run by Ponheary Ly, I became interested in her foundation and the work it does. At first I thought that meeting her would just be an inspiring glimpse of what someone incredible was doing to change lives. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I could take action, in my own small way, to change the lives of girls like me.

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