STUDENT BLOG: Learning a Second Language

By Reaksa

Most of the countries in the world have their own language. However, some of these countries speak many languages such as the U.S.A. which is a very cosmopolitan country as the people who live there come from many different countries and speak different languages, but the most common language of the U.S.A. is English. Here in Cambodia the biggest language used is Cambodian.

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ADVOCATE BLOG: Working with Koh Ker Students to Help Start a Trekking Business

By Caroline Stafford

The summer of 2013 marked my fourth year in Cambodia volunteering for The Ponheary Ly Foundation (PLF). Amongst the whirlwind of things we aimed to accomplish, perhaps the most meaningful, was working with two PLF students from Koh Ker village to help launch their idea for a business: adventure treks for tourists in Koh Ker. For those that have never visited Koh Ker and would like to help PLF in a different way, I would highly recommend taking one of these amazing treks. 

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GET REAL: Knar School's Epic Turnaround

“Get Real” will be a regular post from Ponheary, Lori or Travis about real challenges we face daily in the operation of Ponheary Ly Foundation.

By Travis Thompson, PLF Executive Director

In the past year, the school Ponheary Ly Foundation has been at the longest, but where the organization has faced the ugliest challenges, has turned a corner and is showing signs of huge success.

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