Dignity And Ethics Srey Pop

STUDENT BLOG: Dignity and Ethics

Dignity is the best advantage of people and something we always wish and want. The people who have dignity with themselves commit good deeds including good culture, righteousness, kindness, do not harm other people, being tolerant to each other, and especially have human culture and virtuous jobs. Dignity belongs to people who have an honest heart, are trustful, respect justice and rules. People who have ethics refers to people who have good behavior, help others, respect the rules, and live safe together.


Ethics are the way that gives a straight path. Doing good things comes from respect, practice, advice, culture, rules in the society. People who have professionalism how to love their job, focus with their job, have responsibility with their job and love to research, and have more ideas to create new things which makes everything else improve. Knowledgeable people think in good way because knowledge can make people think before doing something like good or bad, should do or should not. Knowledge comes from studying hard. To make the life have more value, everyone should try to do good things because this can show that you help others without discrimination, don’t abuse others, and choose to be a good person.


Overall, human dignity makes people have the good name  or face in the society. Dignity is like the jewelry, which make people more beautiful. So all people should catch dignity and help us to live in the happiness.