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STUDENT BLOG: Gangsters in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that is developing in various areas such as: infrastructure, art, tourism, politics, and education.

The education in Cambodia nowadays is still low if we compare it to neighboring countries. This is the reason that makes society right now become messy and not comfortable for everyone. For example, gangsters, drugs, alcohol, some inappropriate movies from abroad, violence in the family, or other struggles that cause children to not get an education right  away. About the matter above is the problem that makes insecurity in the society like thieves and kill each other.

When we look to our friends, we need to look to their esteem and trust and the direction they take in society. It can be difficult to pull back from a bad friend, but we need to look at the whole personality not just some good quality.


Therefore, I hope that all of us stay away from drugs and from enemies, which led us to the wrong path.