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Meet Vannak!

Meet Vannak!

With the opening of the new PLF girls dormitory, Sreynith has passed on the torches at Tchey, Khnart, and Chansar Schools. PLF Family, meet our newest field director Vannak! 

This past fall our field director for Siem Reap province, Sreynith, took on the responsibility of housemother for 18 students at the PLF Girls Dormitory in addition to her fieldwork supporting Knar School. We needed a field director to support our projects at Tchey School, as well as Khnart and Chansar School where we oversee the projects of our partners at The Englestoft Foundation. Vannak is the perfect fit.

Unlike the vast majority of our students who have showed up to open enrollment and became PLF students in Kindergarten, Vannak showed up right to our office in 2013. She was the best friend of a PLF high school student, and with much agency and confidence behind her she came to ask for help to finish off Grade 11 and pass the Grade 12 exam. She had already enrolled herself in IT classes at our Urban Lab, and she was awarded a PLF university scholarship shortly upon graduating from high school as one of our top scholars.

A tireless advocate for girls’ education, Vannak and is the only person in her family of 9 to have studied beyond Grade 8. She left her home village after graduating Grade 6 because there was no more school, and and moved once again to Siem Reap after Grade 9 to live with other students from the countryside working second jobs to complete a high school degree. She has been personally responsible for bringing three girls from her village to come to Siem Reap to follow in her footsteps and continue studying.

These qualities of empathy and passion for education have allowed Vannak to transition seamlessly into a full-time position. In this role, she directs all PLF projects at these three schools and liaises between school administrations and PLF HQ.  She is currently in her second year of studying at Pannasastra University towards a degree in English Literature.

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