On The Ground – Supporters and Volunteers

PLF supporters on the ground here in Siem Reap not only get to spend time with students they also provide learning-focused activities so the benefit of the visit continues long past the volunteer’s flight home.

Longer term volunteers pre-plan activities to ensure the students are getting the most out of the limited time the volunteers are in Cambodia.  Activities include things like bike maintenance,DSC_0544 basic science lessons or painting, drawing, building, sewing, dancing – the list is endless.   And despite the difference between the volunteer and the students’ language, as long as it’s visual and interactive the students love getting involved and learn very quickly.




A visit to Koh Ker School, an option as one of our “Help-for-a-Day” program, means a chance for volunteers to travel to one of our most remote schools.   They can hang out with the students during breaks between their regular classes, help the students to prepare their lunch, play volleyball (a favourite in Cambodia) or do some kind of art activity with a class.


DSC_0643Supporters can also provide basic, but much needed things such as backpacks which, in their own small way, also assist the learning process.  A simple item that has a lot of worth to students that have to carry school supplies back and forth along dusty dirt roads.







For PLF, volunteers on the ground means personal engagement and with it hopefully a “little pebble in the big pond” ripple effect.   A sharing of knowledge within personal networks when volunteers return home, means not only have the volunteers provided on the ground learning for our students.  They may also be laying the groundwork for increased knowledge about just how limited education can be in some countries and with that general support for better education globally.


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