STUDENT BLOG: Cleaning The Kitchen

By Porng

Many humans are born everyday always into residential housing for individuals and families. Each house can be large or small depending on the family. And each house always has bedrooms and a kitchen connected. With some large houses the kitchen is built separately from the main house. Each kitchen has clean sanitation depending on how clean the members of the family are.1

In fact, each house should always have a clean kitchen it is the most important work that we each need to do daily. And cleaning, includes: dishes, spoons, basket and cooking board. We need to clean up on all the surfaces Eg; benches, tables. We also need to clean above us for  the spider who tries to cling in his spider web between our house.  We also need to clean the dusty winds from within our own homes.


Then clean under the rack where we dry the dishes … take the dirty dishes to the well to clean and then bring back to put in the drying rack . Dishes already dry go into shelves. Check the containers of cooking ingredients like seasoning in the basket to prepare it in a good way.  If there are cans make sure the levels are full with things like salt and sugar. The garlic can be placed in the basket but not in a container because it will lose the quality and you will have to buy more and have further financial losses.


If you have the clean kitchen in your home your neighbourhood will want to imitate. You will also have many compliments about your house by mouth, if we have a clean kitchen, it can provide many benefits to us all.

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  1. This was an interesting blog. I didn’t know garlic should be kept in a basket. It sounds like you have a nice clean home!

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