STUDENT BLOG: Good Health, Good Life

By Sokim

In daily living, people always want to live healthier. One of the main rules and it is the most important one that we all need to take care of is routine cleaning.


In the reality in which we live, we should always clean everywhere, whether indoor or outdoor. For example make sure to pick up trash in the indoor and outdoor environment.  Sweeping around the steps, cutting the grass and putting into the bin.


Indeed, if you keep your home or place with a clean living environment you will always get inspired by the living around you being comfortable and you will avoid your family being sick. Everyone will stay happy in your family.


Meanwhile, good students and good friends who live together cleanly are environmentally healthy and have beautiful skin and locks!

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  1. That’s a great post, Sokhim! Your English is really good! Your profile says you have learning English for only one year – in which case you are an exceptional learner and have an amazing teacher!
    I have a small house but, although it’s small, it’s very difficult to keep clean. It’s always dusty! I have a lawn at the front of my house and have to cut the grass at least every two weeks otherwise it turns into a jungle! But I don’t throw the grass clippings in the bin – I compost them. When they rot down they make excellent fertiliser for the rest of the garden and that really helps my fruit and vegetables to grow strongly!
    One of the best things about blogging is commenting. Perhaps you can encourage your friends to write comments on your blog posts.
    Good luck,
    From Clive in the UK

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