STUDENT BLOG: The Importance of Water Buffaloes

By Komsorth

Agriculture in Cambodia needs animals. In my village people care for animals like water buffaloes and cows. These animals can help people by pulling the cart, plow and they also give excrement for people to use as fertilizer to make the crops good.


The buffaloes are working in the rice field.

Now I want to share with you about the water buffaloes. Water buffaloes are a kind of animal which are strong and helpful.

 People always use water buffaloes to work very hard. In the rainy season farmers use the  water buffaloes from 4:00 am to 11:00 am for farming.


The farmer carries a buffalo plough.

Water buffaloes are very easy to feed. They eat grass, banana leaves and other small plants so people do not need to buy food for them. Many times people work them in the field and not give them enough food.

We see water buffaloes help farmers a lot, so the farmer should care about them.



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  1. Nina – Komsorth, thank you for informing everyone of the importance of the water buffalo there in Chey Village. I like very much that you include in your story the importance of properly feeding the buffalo!

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