STUDENT BLOG: Feeding The Fish In My Village

By Sreymarch

In my village there are lots of jobs that the people are doing such as: the farming, plant the vegetable, feed the animals, teachers, moto driver. Then repair the house, repair of the car and motorcycle and selling fish. These are the jobs in my village. Nowadays we have a farmer feeding the fish the rice.

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The Fish Pond

The fish is a kind of large catfish. This job is good for the farmer and his family. He feeds it in the pond that has the depth and the size enough. In the pond he put the kamplouk plant because it is shelter for the fish of the time for hot. Every day he places the food for the fish three times. The food for the fish is rice and bran to mix and then he throw it in the pond. The food for the fish is easy to get. Feeding the fish is hard but he likes it because it is profit for his family.

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The Fish Food

..He feeds it two or three months before he can  sell it in the market. Many people in my village buy the fish from the farmer because it has good health. The farmer feeds the fish by the nature. He can sell the fish in the market, one kilogram 10,000 or 12,000 riels ($2.50-$3.00) to size big or small. He is to make and change the water in the pond two or three weeks because if not clean it will make the fish die. He feeds the fish because he wants to have a good fish sale and output in the market. He gets the best result. Benefit for feeding the fish is to lift value in the market in Cambodia. I am very happy because it is a good idea for me. And I have pride because the farmer thinks this too. Even so I’m thinking that because I want to see my village in a good progress in the current and the future.


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