PLF Supporters Run into a Freezing Ocean to Raise Thousands in Ireland

By Travis Thompson

Sometimes PLF supporters make a big splash in their attempt to help our students, but nothing quite like Jean Geoghegan, her family, and friends did.  

IMG_7519In late December off the coast of  their homeland, Ireland, in weather just two degrees above freezing, Jean’s son Ruairi organized a polar swim with his friends who were home for the holidays.  Then, some of their fathers decided to jump in too!  They ran into the ocean water with little more than a Speedo on. And, Ruairi’s girlfriend Sarah and her family brought wine to the beach and sold it to the swimmers.  The entire event brought in nearly $3,000 U.S. dollars for Ponheary Ly Foundation.

Only one week later, Jean was at it again, this time with her daughter Maeve organizing a home-made, women’s-only dinner to treat themselves and 30 of their friends after all the work they did for their families over the holidays.  The evening involved delicious food and even a make-up demonstration.  The event raised nearly $2,000 U.S. dollars for PLF.

IMG_7605Jean’s been fundraising and advocating for months ahead of her solo trip to Cambodia to spend six weeks teaching students and teachers at one of our schools.

Remember the time a PLF supporter rode a bicycle across the United States to raise funds for our schools?