STUDENT BLOG: Learning a Second Language

By Reaksa

Most of the countries in the world have their own language. However, some of these countries speak many languages such as the U.S.A. which is a very cosmopolitan country as the people who live there come from many different countries and speak different languages, but the most common language of the U.S.A. is English. Here in Cambodia the biggest language used is Cambodian. In the English Class

In Cambodia there are many foreigners such as Americans, French, Australians and the Koreans and Japanese who come for business. Therefore, they come here and they speak their own languages and very few of them can speak Cambodian.

The presence of these other people in our country makes the local people need to learn a second language. The growing businesses here make it necessary for our people to need another language in order to communicate. The most popular second language in Cambodia is English.

Siem Reap is a lovely place to visit. It has a lot of temples and also many interesting places to visits like West Baray and Tonle Sap Lake etc. Many people come to visit and this makes the people in my country want to learn other languages for communication with these people. Cambodian people would like to learn a second language because they want to make the tourists come to visit our country and this will make them feel more comfortable by understanding each other.

Reaksa is, 16, eleventh-grade living near Siem Reap, Cambodia. She has studied computer since 2011. And began taking media class with Ponheary Ly foundation in 2013. She enjoys taking photographs and writing blogs and listens to the radio. She wants to make videos in the future.