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STUDENT BLOG: Cambodia Mother and Baby

By Veasna

This photographic series shows an intimate look into the life of a Cambodian mother and baby. The mother is a friend of my mother.

Mother and baby

Mother and baby

When I was given the photographic series assignment in Media II class, I wanted to photograph my mother’s friend and her baby to show that in Cambodia we take care of our baby differently than what I see on television.

For example, on television I see mother’s push their baby in a stroller. In Cambodia, we carry the baby. Also, on the television I see the baby sleep alone in a crib. In Cambodia, the baby sleeps in the same bed with the mother and father.

I spent one hour photographing the mother and baby. I took over thirty photographs. I wanted to use the close-up technique that I had learned on a previous project.


Baby wants to eat

Baby wants to eat

So, when I saw the Nestle milk can under the bed, I decided to put it onto the bed for the photograph. When the baby saw the milk, he reached for it and I took the photo. The baby is beautiful and easy to photograph.

He usually does not cry. However, I took away his stuffed animal and he cried. I took the photo because I thought he looked cute. I enjoyed making these photographs and am happy to share the life of a Cambodian mother and baby with the world.

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