STUDENT BLOG: Friendship

By Nary

All people in this world have to have a lot of connections to many people around them and connections between neighbors, co-workers, or in their studies. The word “friendship” is not just to refer to the connection between people.

Group work

It is to refer to respect and help each other and do not think about if they are poor or rich. They can help each other very well in their life.

Since I was born, from the child until I become an adult, friendship is always staying with me all time. In addition, all the countries around the world need to have it because if we do not have friendship, it will not have good relationship as well. Cambodia is a developing country and has a lot of the relationships in its own country and with other counties.

Here is the experience of my life about the friendship in my studying; all of students including me can get the knowledge from the school. We have a teacher who is our second parent, who teaches us the everything that we have to know and learn. So we respect them and listen to all of their


suggestions that they give us. All the work that related to my studying, such as assignment, research, and working as a group so it make us get move brave to fact with all of these work.  In short, I think that friendship is very necessary for people. Even though in work, studying, living, or what you want to discuss with someone people need friendship everywhere.

Nary  Chun, 16, studies in grade 10 in Siem Reap Province. Her favorite subjects are biology and science. She has studied computers at the Ponheary Ly Foundation Tchey school lab since 2008 and began taking PLF sponsored Global Citizen Media classes in 2011. She enjoys learing English and especially writing blogposts. Her favorite project so far was her video “Sunflowers of Srayang”.

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  1. I agree with you Nary. The whole world is connected and all strangers are only friends we have not yet met. If everyone in the world could go out and meet the people in other countries, understand their life and their struggles, perhaps we would not have so much war and suffering. Good blog post, I like your thoughts.

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