STUDENT BLOG: Fishing in Cambodia

By Sdey

Cambodia is a place that has many kinds of lakes and rivers. One special lake is Tonle Sap Lake. There are many kinds of fish like sea fish and fish in the lake and sometimes from rivers too. The fish from the Tonle Sap Lake supply food for almost all of the people in Cambodia.

Catch fish

Fish can make people earn a lot of money and they become rich by selling the fish. Sometimes they export the fish to countries around the world. The place that has a lot of fish is the ocean and the sea; so many people go fishing there. Most Cambodians like to fish in the Tonle Sap Lake, rivers, and other smaller lakes. Many people out in the countryside are fishermen because it is a job beside the farming, and they live close to Tonle Sap. They do not have many other jobs to make money to support their family. So fishing is a good job for the people.

There are modern materials to catch the fish and old materials to catch the fish. Poor people go to fish by nets. Sometimes they can catch fish by hand. They always go fish in the river and sometimes in small lakes. They always go fish at six o’clock until ten o’clock in the morning. This is how poor families make a small business with fishing. But the people who use the modern materials make a big business with fishing.

Collect the fish

They use a big boat and big nets, and sometimes they fish for many days before they sell the fish. They leave early in the morning at three  or four o’clock to take two big fisher boats and they take nets.  They also use mobile phones to call the customers to buy fish. Then the customers will go to them to buy the fish. They talk about the price and sometimes the cost is very high. Then the customers take to sell the fish in the market and sometimes they take to other countries. People can earn more money to support their family, so people get a better life and develop their families

However, some of my relatives work as fishermen. They say that it is very hard to catch a lot of fish and it is dangerous at times. Sometimes we have lost the members of our village by big storms, boats sinking, or sickness. There are not so many choices for them but the better job should be farmer or other jobs.

Pon Sdey

Sdey is a graduated student, and he continues to study at the university. He likes to work with his computer. He is good at science and geography, but he likes Khmer studies the most. Now he is a teacher at Chey School; he loves his job so much. In the future he wants to be a person who can improve his village and share his experiences with other people.

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