Three Questions: Sotheara Ly

By Gillian White

Sotheara is our IT instructor at our computer lab in Siem Reap. She’s also Ponheary’s sister. She has been deaf since the age of 14 but has never let this get in her way, teaching herself how to use computers and run a computer lab. She currently leads daily classes, teaching PLF students about computer and internet technology. In her own words, Sotheara answers three questions about her blossoming PLF program.

1. Are you happy with the amount of students that have passed your classes? Are you confident that they now have a good skill for their future?

Yes, very happy with all students both had passed and not passed the classes. I can’t give you how much confident I am for my students passed the classes with me use their skill for any job to earn their life. Now what I know and would like to tell you is they all attempt to do the best for their classes and most get the good result in monthly comment..


2. What challenges/problems have you faced this summer with the computer programs?

Installed some software and programs not work well, however I have attempted on to deal with, and got better than before as I considered that I was learning so there would be some problems took place could not avoid. Preparing lessons and exercises also have had many problems because I must think much to write whatever helpful and easy to understand for teenage in high school. Beside this I have had my own class about design Website, I have no much problem with this but seldom have time to learn and now suspend almost 1 month because no time to learn.

3. Are you confident that Dieb and Ravuth can go back to Srayang and teach the other students and take care of the computers there? Do you think that they have learned a lot?

I can’t assure you that they all can do what I and other people expected. But that when I asked them several time if they can teach other students or not they usually gave me the reply that “Yes, I can do.” For me I consider that I served as a trainer practiced small babies, 8-9 months about how to walk every day. I saw they walk, at first not well but after attempting for a while they did better and better then did by their own selves. After they know how to walk if they are clever and have strong determination enough they can build different styles for fit to all situations around them.

So I am looking forward to seeing their progress as you and other too. They learn what I taught not much or less but enough because I didn’t force them to do exceedingly, did as comfortable they were. But that they really tried hard for their classes at here as you saw in some pictures I posted in PLF computer lab website in Facebook. They are clever boys.

Check out the PLF Computer Lab’s Facebook page for updates and photos from Sotheara!