UNESCO Visits Srayang Dormitory

24 June 2012 by Surya Ry, PLF intern

Last week on 18 June 2012, UNESCO made a visit to the Srayang Dormitory to visit the students and look in on the progress and use of the building.

Last year the Ponheary Ly Foundation applied for grant money in order to build a study/dining hall, new kitchen and volunteer quarters at the Srayang Dormitory in anticipation of the 40+ secondary school students we will have in residence next year.

Volunteers and staff members got in the van and took a 2 and half hour drive to the dormitories. There we met with the students living at the dormitories and also took a walk through the village they all came from. In the afternoon, UNESCO representatives arrived. After lunch and conversations with PLF Staff members, they took a walk around the dormitory campus and met with the students living there.

The UNESCO representatives talked to the students about their activities and offered to buy them new books. After some deliberation, the students decided they wanted books on all the histories of the world! A slightly difficult subject to find in one book (that too in Khmer) but the UNESCO representatives offered to find complete history books for the students with the exception that they would be in English. Their potential task would be to one day translate it into Khmer for all Cambodians to read! The visit was wonderful and everyone parted with smiles on their faces.