Activities at Tchey School

22 June 2012

by Surya Ry, PLF Intern

The Tchey School held their monthly activities on 14 June 2012. This included a soccer match between the Tchey School team and the Banteay Meanchey Team as well as a local Tchey School Khmer reading competition amongst the top 3 students in each of the 5 classes.

The first of the activities was a soccer match against the Banteay Meanchey team. PLF Staff Member and former Cambodian National Soccer Team member Alin Yas currently coaches the Tchey School soccer team. The schools played with 5 players on the field per team. They played 30 minutes until halftime, and then played another 30 minutes in the final half. It was a very close game, and the final score was Tchey School 3 to Banteay Meanchey School 4.

The next activity involved students in grades 5 and 6 at the Tchey School and was held in the school’s library. Teachers selected the top 3 students in each class, 5A, 5B, 5+, 6A and 6B. Only 10 students were selected to participate in this competition instead of the usual 15. The contest involved a Khmer reading performance of any book of the students’ choice, as long as it came from the school’s library. The students were all given a week to prepare their readings.

During the readings, students were scored on Activity (how they engaged the audience), Sound (how they used their voice), Advice (how they interpreted the message of the story), Word (how clearly they spoke), Actor (how they performed the piece) and Other.

The top 3 students received outstanding scores.

In 3rd place came Kean Sreymarch of Grade 6, who read “Good Kid Bear”.

In 2nd place came Pik Savit of Grade 5, who read “My Watch”.

Finally, in 1st place was Sun Seyha of the combined grade 5+, who read “The Bee”.

All the students who competed received small prizes for being chosen to participate in the competition, while the winners received bigger prizes.

Next month’s competition will be the final yearly competition. It will consist of the top three winners of the past 3 consecutive months. The top 9 will battle it out in another Khmer competition and compete for the top placement!