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Ponheary to Speak at Innovate4Good Conference

Ponheary is a scheduled speaker at the Microsoft “Innovate 4 Good” Conference in Singapore this weekend.  Her presentation on April 28, will discuss how the Foundation was established and what’s we’ve accomplished to date, with a hope to inspire the audience of young entrepreneurs interested in social enterprise. Ponheary will join 2 other CNN Heroes in examining how technology can be used to further education, spur entrepreneurship and help youth in developing countries bridge the economic divide.

Accompanying Ponheary is Farida Mot, PLF Field Director. This is her first trip out of Cambodia and to say that Farida is excited about the conference would be a serious understatement. Look for her post about the event when they return.

Ponheary and Farida in the home of PLF supporters Tami Kim and Jae Cho

Friends in Singapore have surrounded our team with familiar faces and helped out with transport and lodging, not to mention introducing our team to the joys of Singaporean food~!

Thank you Singapore for making this possible

Nicole and Ernest introduce Ponheary and Farida to the finer aspects of Singapoream dining.

Ponheary giving her presentation (above)  and Farida brainstorming with her international group (below), from Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore Malaysia & Bangladesh

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