A Girl in My Village

I want to tell you about a girl in my village. We live in Brolay Village in Siem Reap Province.

Her name is RATHA. She is 9 years old. She studies in grade 2 at CHEY School. She likes to go to school. Her favorite subject is math. She lives with her mother and her grandmother. Her family is poor. She doesn’t have father. Sometimes they don’t have money to buy good food.

Her mother wants her to keep studying. Her mother stopped studying in grade 2. Her mother wants her to finish studying and have a good job. When she finishes studying and has a good job she can eat a lot of good foods and help her family. She likes to study very much. She hopes that Ponheary Ly Foundation will keep helping her to study. She wants to be a Tailor and make clothes.

In her free time RATHA likes to help her mother grow plants, play with the children in her village, do her homework and read Khmer storybooks.

RATHA thinks in her future she can have a good job and help her family. For me I think she can have a good job if she studies a lot.

Can Ratha have a good job in the future?

What do you think?

Chenda, 16, studies in grade 9 at Sumduch Ouv High School in Siem Reap Provence. She likes to study Khmer and English. She has studied computers at the PLF Tchey School lab since 2008. Her favorite project so far was her video “How to Plant  Banana Tree”. In her free time, she likes to play with the children in her village.

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  1. Chenda thank you for telling this story about RATHA.   Yes, I know RATHA can have a good job in the future if she continues to study.  You know how important and fun learning is for children in grade 2 or in grade 9, 10, 11, and 12.  Than you for inspiring the children to play and to learn!

  2. Thank you Chenda for telling RATHA’s story.  We all hope she continues with her education and that you do the same.

  3. That is great to get more and more girls to go to school. So from now we can stop the old idea of our people who always think girls cannot go so far in education, girls need to know only working in the kitchen. New world for girls is schools, working in office, do big business… Smart girls, women are the mothers of the world.

  4. Ratha has been studying so hard and don’t like too much talking, so i think she can do it!!! While i was there i saw her very focus on her lessons and good team working. Hope to see more girls in Cambodia do not be just a house mother.

  5. I think she can do it, especially with the help of the Ponheary Ly Foundation and watching older students like you, Chenda. We all need help, and sharing our strengths makes everyone stronger. Thank you! 

  6. Go Chenda!!! Go other girls!!! We are girls, strong!!! We can do all good things!!! We can have good education to build ourselves and our family especially our village and country!!!

  7. Try bit by bit to improve your life and your family better than before. Don’t stop from your study before your complete university.

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