New Footbridge at Koh Ker Village

We’ve just completed a new footbridge at Koh Ker Village. When I say “We”, I mean the villagers at Koh Ker built it, with materials supplied by PLF with help from Destination Earth. Early supporters of Koh Ker School will remember in the beginning, there were just a couple of fallen trees over the ravine that harbors a raging torrent in the rainy season. A few years ago we built a small footbridge to make the crossing safer, but without buried posts, the bridge itself was slowly washing away and all the hand rails were gone.

On the left is the original "bridge" and on the right the bridge we built in 2008, in a state of serious disrepair. During the floods this year, the water completely engulfed it

The new bridge, almost complete!

The new bridge will mean that not only can the students get to school safely in the rainy season, but the people in Koh Ker village will be able to get out with their motobikes, loaded with the usual goods and passengers~