Knar Teachers hold English summer school

Knar teachers Chenda and Sovanny  have offered to hold high school prep English classes for graduating students during  the summer break.

Teacher Chenda in class

Teacher Sovanny


The new books

They will teach approximately 100 students entering secondary school in order to help prepare them for mandatory English classes next year.     Chenda will be teaching two classes and Sovanny will be teaching three.  The total cost of summer school for two months is $850.  This includes a salary of $30 per class per month for each teacher ($120 for Chenda and $180 for Sovanni); new, more advanced textbooks ($350) since the students have completed their original textbook; a battery and lamp for the evening classes ($150); and school supplies ($50).  With these resources, summer school can help give the graduates a leg up as they begin high school.

If you wish to contribute to Knar’s summer school, you can designate funds through our donation page.

Article by Elizabeth Palumbo

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