Washing Station at Knar Improving Health

The washing and first aid station at Knar Primary School has been up and running since January, and the number of incidents of sickness has fallen significantly.

Students fill up the buckets will clean water

Every day after class, the students pump water from the well at the washing station, filling the buckets will clean water to wash their hands and feet.  Students and family members suffering from infection, sickness and injury stop by the station to have Chenda, one of the local teachers who wears many hats at Knar, clean and bandage them.  When cases are severe, Chenda notifies the PLF staff, who arrange for transportation to the hospital in Siem Reap. Thankfully, the regular washing seems to be doing the trick, and less students are coming in with infected rashes and scrapes than when the station first opened.

Chaney inventories and organizes the first aid supplies


Chaney Kalinich, a 14-year-old with aspirations to be an Engineer or Doctor without Borders, gained valuable experience helping Chenda to administer first aid to students in early June.   This is Chaney’s second time in Cambodia; her family has supported the PLF since their first trip to Siem Reap as tourists two years ago.  While Chaney was exploring her interest in medicine, her 17-year-old brother Adam, who plans to become a math teacher, provided a week-long math clinic for select PLF students from Wat Bo High School.

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